Eliminate Ammonia Odor, Reduce Workload, and Minimize Waste

PURITAN PREMIUM is a proprietary blend of organic, re-purposed and “select agricultural fibers" that have been specifically proportioned and blended to quickly absorb and contain urine while eliminating ammonia odors. This product is an asset to waste minimization efforts.

PURITAN PREMIUM is an environmentally sound, renewable, sustainable product that plays an even larger role as the proven and cost effective method of reducing your waste stream volumes. Reduced volumes result in huge savings relating to disposal fees, trucking fees, barn labor and material handling efforts.

One 40# bag of our PURITAN PREMIUM bedding crumbles performs double duty compared to market leading brands. Not only will PURITAN PREMIUM absorb 2X more, but will eliminate ammonia odors without the use of cover scents and perfumes. Our special formula converts liquids to non-liquids in minutes, and in doing so, eliminates vapors. No vapors, no ammonia odors.

“Ammonia concentrations in stalls can be dramatically reduced by simple environmental management. On average, a horse produces 0.5 ounces of feces and 0.3 fluid ounces of urine per pound of body weight each day. So a 1,000-pound horse will produce 31 pounds of feces and 2.4 gallons of urine each day. Source: '40 Tips for the Trail Rider'

In an industry where bedding materials typically consist of sawdust, wood shavings & wood pellets, the best effective absorption ratio that can be expected is 1:2 (1lb. of wood pellets will typically absorb 2lb.of water).

PURITAN PREMIUM is a product that absorbs 5X’s its weight quickly and will not leach!


In a stripped stall (12’ x 12’) only a few 40lb. bags of Puritan Premium are required to cover the surface. DO NOT ADD WATER. Over the next 8 to 10 days you may only need to add ONE - 40lb. bag to replace spent material. When using wood pellets or shavings, you may need to use 7 or 8 bags for the same application. Please take a few minutes to consider how this cost savings will affect your bottom line. PURITAN PREMIUM hose bedding is available in 40lb. bags and 2,000lb. super sacks.

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