Chris Cooper, Appomattox, Virginia

We started with 6 bags of Puritan Premium. Initially, we put down four bags, which lasted close to two weeks. No dust, no odor, and the ground underneath was actually dry. It was so easy to clean and dry for my horse. When I added the last two bags, the life of the bedding was extended close to another two weeks. I really like this product and look forward to being able to purchase more! Thank you Shaleena and Puritan Premium for bringing us this great new product


Bob Kane from Lucky Top Ranch tells us what he loves about Puritan Premium Equine Bedding Crumbles. 


To whom it may concern, at a horse-show in Culpepper, I found a pelleted bedding product called Puritan Premium. I was curious about its performance – as you know, some things are over-hyped – so I arranged for the company to bring some to my barn.

When the Puritan representative showed up, she demonstrated the product alongside of a competitor (along with sawdust) I use as a primary bedding. Puritan has a proprietary polymer included in their mix. During the demonstration, the Puritan rep added about 1 tsp. to the competitor’s pellets. On their own, the competitor absorbed about ½ of the water in the test tray. When Puritan was then added, all of the remaining water was absorbed. I was impressed to say the least.

The Puritan rep bedded one of my stalls with their product and left me an extra bag to use exclusively on urine spots in the other stalls. The stall which they bedded is one used by my horse that pees the most and in the 6 days since they put 7 bags of the Puritan in the stall, I’ve only had to add about ½ a bag. As they advertise on-line and in their brochure, this stuff really works.

I hope you know that I don’t usually “hype” any specific products unless they blow me away.  Puritan Premium has done just that. I ran the numbers considering my sawdust and competitor pellets and compared them to using sawdust just for banking and Puritan in the remainder of the stall. I came up with pretty much a break-even price point. But, when I consider the reduced time it takes to muck, and the superior urine absorption, the Puritan solution clearly rises to the top of the heap.

In the end, given its superior absorption and the fact that mucking is easier and that it “holds up” better in the stalls, it’s a clear winner.

Robert Goodman

Great product. Took only 1 hour to do five 12" x 12" stalls. Even with all the rain we have had, haven't had any hoof problems (thrush) since shifting to this bedding in May.

Tracey Piccola, Founder/CEO Rory Ridge Rescue

Rory Ridge Rescue Puritan Premium Testimonial

I'm Tracey from Rory Ridge Rescue. At Rory Ridge, we rescue, rehab, and re-home horses. We save horses that were headed to slaughter. Doing rescue is a lot of hard work, so I thought Puritan Premium was definitely a great product for us to try. I had heard great things about it, and I must say that I'm in love with the bedding! We started using Puritan Premium about 3-4 months ago and it keeps our stalls clean and dry and lasts for a long time. We are spending less time cleaning stalls each day and just adding a scoop in the area we cleaned up. It has been fabulous. This product has saved us time and money! This is the first time I've had dry stalls in the next morning. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you for making a great product. It made my stall cleaning evening go like a breeze. Thank you!


heather saddles101 portersville pa puritan premium testimonial

Bordeaux is very happy with his new bedding. He loves to take his morning nap just laying comfortably on the clean and soft Puritan Premium Bedding!

Since I have started using the Puritan Premium Bedding, the stalls have been easier and quicker to clean.  Urine just clumps together and it is like removing cat litter!!

I started with six bags in a 12' x 12' stall. It had “puffed” up by the next day and I was able to bank the walls with it, too.  I was amazed with the product. The first week I didn’t need to add any bedding for 8 days and, at that point, it only needed one bag! 

I have to admit it took a long time for the supplier to get me to try it, and now that I have, I’m hooked.



This is our horse, Whimzical Princess, enjoying the soft, clean bed beneath her. 3 weeks trying Puritan Premium Bedding Crumbles and the barn still smells fresh. 

I am quite impressed with the longevity of the Puritan Premium. Our stall cleaning time has been cut easily by 50%. It's like cleaning a cat's litter box; remove the wet and manure piles and the rest remains bright colored and fresh in appearance - which is important with clients as well! It's been a few weeks now and the barn still smells clean. No foul odor as we have experienced within a few days of using another pelleted product, and not nearly as much waste going out to the compost as with the cedar. I believe Puritan Premium could eliminate the need for using a stall odor/absorbent product. Another cost saving incentive.

My husband is a farrier and has commented that he's interested as to whether or not it is any more drying to their hooves after several months. It will be a good testimony, especially with the off track thoroughbreds that come in with such thin hoof walls and brittle hooves to begin with.

We are happily surprised to find a product that stands up to its promise. We believe in going that extra mile, that one should under promise and over deliver in all things. We have found our match! Warm Regards

Katherine Casey

horse bedding puritan premium testimonial

My horse Peppy has a testimonial for you ;)

Peppy says: "I absolutely love having Puritan Premium bedding in my stall! My mom likes to keep my stall well bedded and, when she uses your bedding, she does not have to remove as much each day compared to when I had shavings. Your pellets also keep my stall smelling clean, so my lungs are always breathing clean air and, therefore, I can perform at my best when mom comes to ride me. After a ride, I love to lie down in my stall to sleep and I couldn't ask for a more comfortable bedding to sleep in. And, the best part is that when I wake up, I don't have bed head (shavings all stuck in my mane and tail)! Thanks Puritan Premium for helping to make me a happy and healthy horse!


I am a student at Wind Ridge Farm in Campbellsburg, Kentucky, as well as a student at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. I am majoring in equine business. Since the program is extremely hands on, we were required to take a class called 'Equine Health Monitoring,' which was basically caring for an assigned horse and noticing changes in the way they behave - along with massage and therapy techniques. We were required to clean out the stalls every morning. As a working student, we have tried several different types of bedding, ranging from pelleted and fine and flaked shavings. However, I have found that - out of all the types of bedding - Puritan Premium is the one that I like the most, because it crumbles together and is so easy to pick out of the stall.

I fully recommend this, because cleaning stalls becomes super time efficient!


Puritan Testimonial

This photo (left) is the first day that I applied Puritan Premium to my stalls.

You can clearly see how wet the base of this stall is. This mare walks the stall and, as a result, it needed to be stripped almost daily.

Puritan Premium Testimionial -- Wright

This photo (right) is only 2 days later. With Puritan, like magic, it still looks like a freshly bedded stall and it's dry! 

So after 1 week, I'm impressed. The bedding's ability to absorb urine is by far the best I've used. It has also cut my stall cleaning time by almost half. I also think we have less flies, not really sure how the bedding would affect flies, but it's the only thing that has changed.

I've told several people about Puritan. They all say the same thing... Where can I get some? I think if they could get a couple bags they would be hooked. The product would most likely sell itself.

Thanks so much, truly the best bedding that I have ever used!


Before switching to Puritan Premium, I used conventional pine pellets. After a month of using the equine bedding products, I’m extremely thankful that I switched! My mares’ hooves are drier. When I'm cleaning, there is dramatically reduced dust and the stalls smell great. Even though the stalls have dirt floors and are welled-out in some places, Puritan Premium virtually eliminated any ammonia smell. Wet spots don't travel or spread, even on welled-out dirt floors. 

The bedding does not pack down, and my horses eat more hay, because it separates from the bedding easier and does not mat down. Switching to Puritan Premium reduced stall cleaning time by at least a quarter, and sometimes in half, and I’m putting less bedding in the spreader.

The bottom line is that moving to Puritan was the best decision I’ve made for my mares’ quality of life in their stalls and for my ease of cleaning them. You’ll see an improvement whether you use pellets for all of your bedding or just in the wet spots.


Puritan Premium bedding - testimonial - sbrogna

We are very happy with the product.

It is easier, cleaner, healthier, and more cost efficient than the bedding we were using. Plus, we don't have shavings blowing all over the place.

Thank you Puritan Premium!

SARAH, single oak farm

single oak farm puritan premium horse bedding

"We have used a variety of bedding, such as pelleted, fine and flake pine shavings, and straw, but nothing has come close to Puritan Premium bedding. We start a new stall with about 3- 4 bags per 12’ x 12’ stall and we have 12 stalls. We usually add a bag in 5-7 days, depending on the weather and how much the horses are getting turned out. Everything stays pretty dry, which is great for all of our horses. They are in their stalls for about 10-12 hours in a 24 hour period depending on the weather, so it is important that they are in dry and clean conditions. We are also saving on labor and time, because we do not have to remove as much waste from the stalls, nor do we have to add more bedding all the time. Overall, absorption quality is far better than anything that we have used in the past.”

MEREDITH, Forefront Performance Horses

It's been a long few days! I just wanted to share another successful foaling on Puritan Premium -- a superior product! Please see the picture, as it's pretty impressive. Nothing stuck to the foal, nothing wet and mucky. The only wet spot was right where the horse gave birth and I cleaned it up in about 5 seconds. Also, the foal dried off fast, never got cold, and it was easy for him to get up and start moving. I'm ready to pick-up more Puritan Premium horse bedding. Thanks!

Old South Carriage Co., Charleston, SC

Stalls: Our stalls are bedded with state-of-the-art Puritan Premium Bedding Crumbles which are a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly bedding option. This product is a super absorbent, patent-pending blend that offers two times the absorbency of other leading brands. It also controls ammonia odor, which can be harmful to horses and humans.

JOSH KNOTTS, Forefront Performance Horses

I have been using this product for over a year and it's the best in the business! It is very easy for the stall cleaners to sift and great to have foals on. Thank you so much for the great bedding! Puritan Premium is definitely a time saver for the guys and ladies cleaning stalls too! I should know, because I'm one myself. Also, Mike Dorsch is the man! He is great to deal with and very knowledgeable of this product. We are proud to have Puritan featured at our barn.


Leah, our customer from Kipling Equestrian Center in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, tells us what she loves about Puritan Premium Equine Bedding Crumbles. During the tour of her horse stalls, she describes how she uses Puritan Premium, how Puritan is dust-free, and how Puritan has helped with hock sores.

SHERRI, southwind farm

All is well here at Southwind... We've used about half the bedding that you delivered almost 5 weeks ago. In the first stalls, we placed four bags in and after three days or so, it fluffed up quite nicely and was easy to clean. It is much easier to use than the other pelleted bedding. Mainly, because we don't have to wet it, or do anything different, than just clean it. It is very absorbent! Plus, the stalls that usually get mixed up - because the horses walk around all night - seem to keep the urine in one place better.

Each horse, of course, has different habits and amounts of manure and urine. So, it has been difficult to know whether to strip and redo a stall, or add a bag here and there. We have been experimenting with that, and have found it is completely dependent on the horse. Some we can clean and add a bag once and a while, some we have to strip regularly and refill. But, whichever we end up doing, the stalls are cleaner for a longer period of time and are easier to clean than the sawdust we were using. The stalls start out drier than the sawdust and without any dust. For a 12' x 12' stall, 3-4 bags seems to be the right amount to start with. My guys take pride in their work, and both guys definitely prefer your bedding over anything we've been using. I have worked in a few stalls myself and I agree that it is easier to use. As far as ease of use, Puritan is preferable.

Also, I am happy with the packaging of your product. I can store it outside, so it opens up some of my shed space for other things. I like that even though the Puritan bedding is a pellet, it quickly breaks down and increases volume as it becomes softer. I was hesitant to put it under horses that are in stalls 24/7, but it is fine after just a day or two. I think your product is definitely superior to sawdust, shavings, and the other pelleted bedding on the market. I would prefer to use your product!

puritan premium pallet.png

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